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    Hire Yii Developers

    Combining cutting-edge technologies with special design lines, we power your business with tailor-made solutions that will revolutionize your business processes and help you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

    Yii Services

    Yii Web Development

    Сombining proven approaches and innovative technologies, Yii developers can build unique and sophisticated web solution for your business.

    Yii Custom Admin Development

    Hire Yii developers who will apply cutting-edge technologies to deliver custom admin solutions to improve your business.

    Yii Upgrade Development

    Gain an advantage by hiring Yii software engineers who will upgrade your software solutions to ensure business continuity is maintained.

    Yii Api Development

    With extensive experience and knowledge, our Yii software engineers are available for hire to build actionable and highly-performing APIs.

    Yii Migration

    Hire high-quality Yii developers who are ready to provide migration solutions for your business using innovative technologies and proven approaches.

    Yii Packages Development

    Yii developers are available for hire to deliver packages development solutions that help you to grow your business and drive revenue.

    Process of Hiring Yii Developers

    Requirements analysis

    Needs Identification

    Surfing the internal pool

    Avarage duration -
    3 days

    the Ukrainian market

    185 000 potential

    the offer

    Offer Negotiation

    Sending the CV to the client

    Analyzing candidates’ technical and personal skills

    Internal interview

    Dedicated Yii Team Models

    Yii team

    With a hybrid model, you can divide tasks into the main subtasks among your in-house employees and remote Yii team that allows you not only to better organize the workflow, but also to reach your core business goals successfully.

    Yii team

    With a dedicated model, you can keep communication, performance, and management at a high level as well as you can effectively collaborate with a team of Yii software engineers who will fulfill tasks faster that helps you make continual progress toward your business goals.

    Yii team

    With a relocation model, you can hire Yii software engineers and build a team that will work directly in your office. That allows you to perfectly meet your needs and requirements and help you to dramatically boost productivity at the workplace and produce great results.

    Reasons to hire
    Yii developers in Ukraine

    It specialists

    185 000 IT specialists work in Ukraine


    Up to 4 000 IT organizations provide web and mobile solutions


    More than 130 000 IT software engineers complete their education at high school in Ukraine annually


    Yii ranks 9th most popular in Ukraine in the Content Management System category

    Same holidays

    Ukrainian, European and American main holidays are celebrated simultaneously that simplifies collaboration

    Time zone

    Time zone advantage for the EU and the USA


    80% of Ukrainian software engineers speak English confidently that boosts collaboration


    Positive business environment: exports of IT services is projected to reach 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 in Ukraine

    Benefits of working with
    DDI Development

    1 Complete Control over the Team
    2 Strict NDA
    3 Full Support for Your Team
    4 Administrative Support
    5 Quick Team
    6 A Trusted
    7 Fast

    Get Resume of Yii Developers

    Oleh Middle Yii Developer

    Having over 5 years of experience, Oleh has strong knowledge of Yii, JS, HTML, CSS, Zend, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node.js, React.js, AngularJS, jQuery, etc. He is reliable, thorough and attentive to details, always tries to do his best to solve complex problems and get great results.



    Download cv
    Ihor Senior Yii Developer

    Ihor has strong analytical and problem-solving skills. He is reputed to be well versed in all phases of the software development lifecycle and has extensive knowledge of technologies. Using PHP, Symfony, MongoDB, AngularJS, jQuery, Yii, JS, Ajax, HTML, CSS, he solves challenging tasks and delivers high-quality products.



    Download cv

    Quick questions

    How to hire Yii engineers?

    You will definitely want to know how to hire Yii developers. Here you can read about the hiring process:

    • Specify job description ( the number of developers you need, their experience, hard and soft skills, etc.).
    • Choose a tech partner you'd like to work together with (time zone, country, work terms, etc.).
    • Screen the developers’ CVs to identify the right skills (soft skills, professional knowledge, experience, portfolio, etc.).
    • Conduct a professional job interview to make sure you find the best candidates.
    • Sign the contract and NDA (if it is required).
    • Hire the developer that suits requirements.
    Yii developers can be involved in building high-performance web solutions of different complexity for a wide range of business verticals such as e-commerce, recruitment, fintech, CRM, e-learning, logistics, etc. If you are a leader of the large, small or medium-sized company as well as a startuper, you can hire a team of Yii developers who will do their best to build and deliver efficient and successful solutions to drive business growth and revenue.
    As you may know, the cost to hire Yii developers greatly depends on their work experience and skills. Just define the number of developers you need, specify their experience and skills, and we will be able to let you know the cost to hire a software developer based on your requirements.
    As you may know, the cost to hire Yii team for your project greatly depends on the work experience and skills. Only by specifying the number of developers, can we provide you with all the information about their experience and skills, and let you know the cost to hire a software developer.
    With a relocation model, you can hire a developer or a team of developers who will work directly in your office while with a dedicated model, you can collaborate with professional software engineers effectively as well as keep the lines of communication open and healthy, provide management and leadership-specific development plans. A hybrid model allows you to have a strong possibility to divide tasks into more manageable subtasks among your in-house staff and remote employees.
    Yes, you could. We are ready to provide you with one or two Yii developers. Firstly, specify the number of developers, their experience, hard and soft skills. Having that information in mind, we will send you developers’ CVs that meet your requirements best. After that, you can filter the resumes, assign the interview date and choose an appropriate developer or developers.
    Surely, we could. We are open to discuss the process of hiring the Yii team and the models of collaboration - hybrid, dedicated or relocation. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to answer all the questions.

    Ready to work with us?

    We have everything you might ever need to create a mobile solution that can attack the market and win.

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